Camp Time Lord


Camp Time Lord is a safe, quiet space for our members under the age of 13. It offers our younger members and their parents/guardians/supervisors a pleasant place to take a break.

You can expect hands on activities of all kinds at Camp Time Lord.

Plus… you never know when a convention guest will drop by!

Camp Time Lord Rules

  • All kids must be accompanied by someone over 13 (sibling, parent, family friend, etc.).

  • All adults (i.e. those 13 years or older) must be accompanied by a child (or more) under 13. No unattended kids or adults permitted! (The exception: adults may attend the grown-up craft parties in the evenings!)

  • Rowdy play (rough-housing) isn’t allowed.

  • Have fun!

A complete schedule of Camp Time Lord can be found as a part of our overall convention schedule.