by JennAK

Friday Flashback: Colin’s First CT

February 8, 2013 in Friday Flashback, Guests by JennAK

We’re setting the wayback machine for 2003 this week, highlighting Colin Baker’s first appearance at Chicago TARDIS.

by JennAK

Flashback Friday: A Little Bit of Terry

February 1, 2013 in Friday Flashback, Guests by JennAK

Our featured flashback foto (er, PHOTO) for this Friday is Terry Molloy and Stewart Bevan on stage at Chicago TARDIS 2004. Ah, those were the days, with the lighted TARDIS wall backdrop…. Anyway, we offer the photo in celebration of Terry returning to our stage this November.

by JennAK

Friday Flashback: Closing Ceremonies 2001

December 8, 2012 in Friday Flashback by JennAK

Ooh, we’re going back, back, BACK in time every Friday, to celebrate past conventions– and we’re starting with a doozy of a photo. You’ve all seen the crowd we had on stage for opening and closing ceremonies this year by now (either in person or via the photo galleries on our Facebook page). Here’s what things looked like back in 2001. Yep, you counted right– 8 guests. Nicholas Courtney, John Levene, Richard Franklin, Jason Haigh-Ellery (who hasn’t missed one yet), Caroline Morris, Lars Pearson, and (in his CT debut) Arnold T. Blumberg. Con Chair Gene Smith is in the foreground on the right; Tech Director Mike Olson (behind Gene in the 6th Doctor vest) subs for Program Director Jennifer Kelley, who actually ended up leaving the con on Sunday afternoon with a horrible case of the stomach flu. (Con crud struck early and hard!) We’ve come a long way– and we thank you for your love and support!