Saturday Night Party

For nearly five years, we’ve been holding the Saturday Night Party - an opportunity for our guests and attendees to come together, unwind, and socialize. Browse photos below from our 2018 event, and read on for more info on why you might want to attend in 2019!


The Saturday Night Party - a new tradition at Chicago TARDIS.

This event started because our attendees were asking for more opportunities to spend time with our guests in a social setting.

With the Saturday Night Party, attendees get to have conversations with our guests as the guest rotate to different tables. We make it so that most of our attendees are able to converse with all the guests that appear at this event.

For 2019, we will be making slight changes to the format of the Saturday Night Party. This will allow us to give our attendees who pay for this event more for the value of their ticket. Stay tuned as we announce updates about this event later in the year.