Early Summer News Round-Up


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Here’s a short summary of what you can expect…


Meet & Greet Tickets

This year’s Meet and Greet tickets will soon be on sale!  Like last year, our Meet and Greets will be intimate gatherings of fans who want a more personal encounter with our guests whereas the Saturday night party (info coming soon) is more ideal for groups or families.


Want More Guest Announcements?

We are not done with our guest announcements for 2018.  As we head into July, we can promise several news about both Classic and New ‘Who’ guests.  

Costume Track Preview

Our Costuming Staff has been hard at work the last few months planning our brand new Costume programming track.  We’ll be offering a sneak peek of what’s in store for costume enthusiasts at this year’s convention over the next few weeks.


Volunteer Applications Opening the Week of 07/01

Many of you have asked about when volunteer applications are opening  up for 2018.  The time has come!  Volunteer applications will be live starting the week of July 1st!


Artist Alley Almost Full!

If you have been thinking about joining our Artist Alley in 2018, you should hurry!  We have an extrememly limited amount of tables that remain available.  

This year, our featured artist guests will be stationed in our Artist Alley to provide a true creatives’ space at our convention.  All signings will also take place in this space.  This will also ensure that if you are at the convention to check out what awesome creations our artists are known for, you will be able to enjoy it all in one space.  

Visit our Eventbrite page to sign-up for space in our Artist Alley.


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