Jenna Coleman cancelation


We are devastated to announce that in the early hours of the morning we received word that Jenna Coleman will not be able to make her appearance at Chicago TARDIS due to last minute filming reshoots.

We cannot emphasize enough how saddened we are to have to make this announcement to you, our attendees.  We know that you must be deeply disappointed. Please know that we feel the same way. It’s disheartening to us that we have to pass on this news to you so close to our 2018 convention.  

Signing each guest always comes with a risk that they may cancel.  We were extremely optimistic this year that this would work out for us and all of you.  Jenna was a highly requested guest, and that’s why we decided to try and secure her for a second time.  We cannot apologize enough for the outcome.

All updates to our online schedule via Sched will be made immediately as will updates to our website and social media profiles.  Jenna Coleman tickets have also been taken down from our Eventbrite page.

We have acted on this info as fast as possible to set things in motion and help smooth things over for the weekend.  Please read below if you purchased ANY Jenna Coleman related tickets. The following points address three different ticket refund procedures that we’re immediately putting in place.

  1. Refunds for all individual Jenna Coleman autograph or photograph sessions will begin going out immediately.  No swapping, no waiting in lines. Please keep an eye on your inbox for an email coming from Eventbrite that informs you of the refund.  

2)  If you bought the Jenna Coleman/Pearl Mackie dual photo op, you will be receiving an e-mail that asks if you would like to either:

  1. Receive a refund.
    – or –

  2. Receive a partial refund as it is now our plan to convert that session and the one afterward to an hour-long Pearl Mackie solo photo session that would take place from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm on the Saturday of the convention.

As with point number one, refunds (no matter which option chosen) will begin to be issued immediately.

3)  If you bought the Jenna Coleman packages, you will also be receiving an e-mail.  This e-mail gives you the option of swapping your Meet and Greet ticket for another.  If you bought the Ultimate Package, we will also be offering a different package for you to exchange.

Once again, if you just want the refund, please tell us and we will issue that to you!

We do have some potential good news in all of this.  Because we have been putting together guest agreements for our 2019 convention and some agreements are nearly complete, we have reached out to those individuals who we thought may be able to attend in 2018 on short notice.  We should have some updates on this later today.

As always, we do encourage you to reach out to us at

Despite this sad news, we are excited for the remaining guests who will be joining us, our awesome new programming we have planned for this year, and the reunion of our Whovian family during this time. 

Chicago TARDIS