Are you ready? Brunch tickets will go on sale Monday, March 19th!


It’s almost that time again.  Tickets will be going on sale for our 2018 Guest Brunch in two weeks, Monday, March 19th.  

As usual, tickets will be limited.  Our first wave of tickets will be available to purchase if you are a Premium Member (hold a Reserved or Priority membership).  All All-Access Members receive this as a perk of their ticket cost.  After this wave is released, we will open up as many extra tickets as possible.  These will be even more limited.  This is why we are giving you a two week lead time in order to prepare for the release of these tickets.

Tickets will be $70 each, and a special password will be e-mailed to our Premium Members the weekend before the tickets initially go on sale.  Another e-mail and social media posts will go out when we are ready to open up any left over tickets we may have.  All attendees will be able to pick which guest they brunch with on a first come, first serve basis – much like last year.  Beginning in late summer, we will begin contacting all brunch ticket holders with their choice of guest.

Please feel free to e-mail us with any questions you may have about this year’s brunch.  

Chicago TARDIS