Last updated November 27, 2014
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Chicago TARDIS Memberships include all the panels, photograph and autograph session access with some guests, video rooms, and everything else going on during the weekend.  Policy on extra-charge guests will be forthcoming later in 2014. We strongly encourage you to purchase a 3-day non-general-admission membership if you want to get autographs and/or photos from ALL the guests.

Membership will be capped at 2000 attendees/day.

It’s the maximum amount of people our space can handle. You are not a sardine; you should not be treated like one.

Why Is It a “Membership” and Not a “Ticket”? Do I Need To Get a Membership In Order to Buy A Ticket?

Chicago TARDIS considers you family– you’re joining us, not paying to get inside. That’s why it’s a “membership.” Buying a Membership is the same as buying a Ticket at other events.

Our Membership Policies

  • All sales are final. No refunds will be issued.

  • Membership cannot be deferred to following years except under extreme emergencies (death in the family or hospitalization of self, spouse, parent, or child). Such deferrals must be requested by the Monday of convention week (for 2014, that would be Monday, November 24). Chicago TARDIS reserves the right to refuse any requests made in this manner.

  • Memberships transfers are now closed. No transfers will be available at the door.

  • Upgrades are only available if memberships are available for the next level. (For example, you can upgrade from a Friday-only to a Three-Day if Three-Day memberships are still available.) We will handle this arrangement at the convention itself this weekend.

  • Special Brunch Rule: By buying a ticket to the Sunday Brunch with the guests, you agree that you will not ask for autographs or photographs from the guests during the session. Should you be spotted doing so, you will be a) asked to leave the brunch and b) banned from subsequent brunches. Table photos will be taken and available on the website after the convention.

    • We have put these rules in place to assure that all of us (staff, attendees, guests) have as splendid a time as possible. We can’t wait to see you Thanksgiving weekend!

    Membership Pricing

    Membership Type At The Door
    General admission weekend $100
    General admission weekend child 6-12 $50
    Friday only $50
    Friday only child 6-12 $30
    Saturday only SOLD OUT
    Saturday only child 6-12 SOLD OUT
    Sunday only $50
    Sunday only child 6-12 $30
    Supporting $30

    Children between 0-5 years are free with a paid adult membership. Please note that you still need to “buy” a membership for them on the Eventbrite registration page, so that we can badge them. All children regardless of age must have a badge.

    Our Membership Categories

    All-Access: A special, limited weekend membership providing front row seating, complementary Sunday brunch with seating at the table of the guest of your choice, highest priority in lines, early access to the dealers’ room, a Thursday reception and Sunday party with convention guests, and other special treats. This category is limited to 25 memberships and rarely opens up to new members. Sold out, sorry!

    Reserved: A weekend membership with reserved seating in rows 2-5, Thursday night reception with the guests, 2nd highest priority in lines, early access to online autograph/photograph session sales and the dealers’ room. Limited to 150 members. Sold out, sorry!

    Priority: New! A weekend membership with 3rd highest priority in lines, early access to online autograph/photograph session sales, early access to the dealers room on Friday morning. Seating in Main Programming for this membership will be with the general admission memberships (i.e. row 6 and higher, not reserved). Limited to 100 members. Sold out, sorry!

    General Admission Weekend: 3-day general admission membership, which includes access to all panels, q & a sessions, and evening events, plus writer autographs.

    General Admission One-Day: 1-day general admission membership, which includes access to all panels, q & a sessions, and evening events, plus writer autographs. Actor autograph/photograph sessions not guaranteed with this membership. Saturday-only memberships sold out, sorry!

    Supporting: This membership– perfect for you if you want to support the event but can’t actually attend the event– nets you a copy of the 2014 Program Book signed by a number of guests. Books will ship sometime in January 2015.

    Perk Summary

    What Membership level gets what benefits? Check the handy chart below to find out!

    Membership Type Saved seat in Main Programming Priority in Lines Free brunch (with guest choice) Thursday night reception with guests Sunday thank-you party with guests Pre-sale access to auto/photo sessions Early accessTo dealer room Excusive surprise tbd (was photo w/ all guests)
    All Access Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Reserved Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Priority Yes Yes Yes
    General Admission