Autographs & Photos

last updated November 16, 2014

Many fans relish the opportunity to get up close with their favorite actors and writers by getting their autograph or having their picture taken with them. Chicago TARDIS loves to accommodate fans in these needs. Unfortunately, the realities of managing our fan-run convention requires that Chicago TARDIS charge for autographs and photographs with our actor guests. Rest assured that we won’t charge a fee unless we need said fee to help pay for the expense of bringing a guest to the convention. In addition, not every convention member wants autographs and photographs, so by charging a little extra for these sessions, we avoid having to raise the membership fees across the board.

Advanced Sales Info | Claiming Your Tickets | At-Con Sales Info | What’s A Virtual Queue?

Eventbrite - Chicago TARDIS 2014 Autograph/Photograph Sessions

Autograph and Photo Fees For Chicago TARDIS 2014

Please consult the table below.

Guest Autograph (per item) Photograph (per photo)
Billie Piper $60 $60
Annette Badland $25 $30
Noel Clarke $30 $30
Camille Coduri $30 $30
Ellie Darcey-Alden $20 See below
Joseph Darcey-Alden $20
Sonita Henry $20
Frazer Hines $20 $20
Wendy Padbury $20 $20
Deborah Watling $20 $20
Nicholas Briggs Big Finish item: free
other item: $20
$20 (special shoot w/ Daleks)
Jason Haigh-Ellery Free n/a
Mat Irvine Free n/a
Dominic Glynn Free n/a
Billie/Camille/Noel special photo (Sunday) $125
Frazer/Wendy/Deborah combo photo (Sat/Sun) $50
Ellie/Joseph/Sonita photo combo (all weekend) $30

Advanced Sales For Sessions

Advanced Sales opened for our All-Access, Reserved, and Priority Members on Thursday, November 6 around 2 p.m. CST. Access to the sale will be only through a code emailed to members. This pre-sale continued until 12:01 a.m. on Sunday, November 9th.

General Admission Weekend and One-Day Advanced Sales began on Sunday, November 9th at 2 p.m. CST and continued through 12:01 a.m. on Sunday, November 16th. We will be assigning Virtual Queue positions on the basis of purchase date/time– so the sooner you bought, the closer to the front your Virtual Queue Position will be.

Claiming Your Advanced Sales Session Tickets

Pick up your session tickets– and your Virtual Queue assignment– at the Virtual Queue table across from the Junior Ballroom. Your proof-of-purchase will NOT get you into the sessions– you need physical tickets.

At-the-Convention Session Sales

We will be selling session tickets at the convention for all sessions that don’t sell out online. These tickets will be available in the Dealers Room, along with photos of our guests suitable to be signed. The full procedure list we expect by November 18th.

What’s A Virtual Queue?

If you’re a newbie to our event, we apologize for not explaining what a Virtual Queue is– please rest assured that a fuller explanation will be forthcoming once we get the new verbiage together for the full procedures. (We expect that to happen by November 18th.) Briefly, the Virtual Queue is a pre-assigned place in an autograph or photograph line, based on type of membership and time of purchase. The Virtual Queue gives you the chance to enjoy more of the convention, since you won’t have to wait hours in line to get that special time with our guests.