The First Four Guests

December 10, 2012 in Guests by JennAK

1st 4 guests

At the Chicago TARDIS 2012 Closing Ceremonies, we announced our first four guests for 2013. Fittingly, together they represent the first four decades of Doctor Who. They are also some of the most-loved companions in the Whoniverse. Joining us– in order of appearance on the show– for our fantastic 50th Anniversary Celebration are

Frazer Hines, who played 2nd Doctor companion Jamie McCrimmon

Louise Jameson, who played 4th Doctor companion Leela

Nicola Bryant, who played 5th & 6th Doctor companion Peri Brown

Daphne Ashbrook, who played 8th Doctor companion Grace Holloway.

We’re excited to be welcoming back all four of these fabulous actors to our convention.